The 7 Biggest Fashion Myths, Busted

The 7 Biggest Fashion Myths, Busted

You hear so much of these style dos and don’ts from sartorial experts and fashion bibles that at some point, you just can’t help but think, “So what’s a girl to do?” Don’t worry, what you’ll hear from here won’t be about fashion musts you need to follow—rather, we’re sharing so-called style rules that you can totally break. These are nothing but myths after all, and today, you can consider ‘em busted.


  1. You can’t wear print on print.


Why limit your style? Print on print works. If you want to make your look cohesive, go for different prints with one similarity, whether that’s the size of the print, the color, or texture. The ensemble below shows three different prints in varying sizes and textures, but commit to one color—blue.



Model wears the Nile dress



  1. Your outfit should have just one focal point.


This one’s hard to follow when you’ve got so much fashion oozing out of you. The solution? Don’t. The look below has much going on—sleeve cutouts, ribbons, prints—but it still works. The key here is wearing quality fabrics that allow you to look polished, no matter how many embellishments you have on.



Model wears the Shaquille top and Strauss skort



  1. You should wear a dress to look feminine.


A top and a pair of pants can still look graceful and sophisticated, delivering the same magic as a dress. See how Anne Curtis does it.



Anne wears the Marc sleeveless top and Marc culottes



  1. Your playsuit makes you look kiddie.


While they were originally made for children, today’s playsuit has graduated into an easy dressing choice for the modern woman. Upgrade this all-in-one piece by going for a printed option with interesting detail.



Model wears the Neils playsuit


  1. You need to wear colors in the same family.


It’s the easiest way to put together pieces that naturally fit. Or so they say. Powder blue and salmon aren’t remotely close to each other on the color wheel, but they still work. Why? Contrasting colors naturally complement each other, too.



Model wears the Saigon dress


  1. You should go for tighter clothes to embrace your curves.


Celebrating your curves is by no means synonymous to wearing a bandage dress. Though loose, the top and culottes option below still beautifully skims along the model’s figure, doing justice to a woman’s silhouette.



Model wears the Steele top and Sweeney culottes



  1. You need to follow trends to look chic.


At the end of the day, the only rules you need to follow are the ones you’ve set for yourself. Don’t let others—even us!—dictate how you dress. When you’re confident and comfortable, it will show, and that effortlessly translates to chicness.


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