How To Dress Like a Fashion Editor

How To Dress Like a Fashion Editor

Their words fill your sacred style glossies from end to end. Their looks are anticipated in every single fashion week, garnering attention just as much as the clothes appearing on the runway. Their work is ubiquitous—it’s behind nearly every on-point outfit you’ve stopped to admire in every possible medium. They’re fashion editors—guardians of trends, style savants, the people whose jobs a million girls would kill for (h/t The Devil Wears Prada). 


A fashion editor is essentially a curator, someone who ventures out into the intricate world of dressing up, weeding out the bad and putting together only the must-knows for you. So if there’s someone you would trust with excellent style, it’s this expert who lives and breathes it 24/7. 


While not all fashion editors dress alike, they all dress strikingly well, whether the message they want to send is easy and effortless or complex and adventurous. How they do it? We let you in on their secrets. Read and repeat for yourself.


1. A fashion editor knows and respects her body.


Fashion editors have a distinct way of dressing up. The first rule of finding your personal style? Understanding that it’s personal, meaning it’s unique to you. Fashion editors may be exposed to every single trend, but they also know that not everything will work for them. So get to know your body and be kind to it, even if means embracing the fact that there are pieces that might not look great on you, but also loving the idea that there are pieces that you will look amazing in.


2. A fashion editor is always up to speed on trends, but she doesn’t always let them dictate how she dresses.


The off-shoulder cut is so in vogue right now, but to dress like a fashion editor doesn’t mean wearing this or whatever is else is hot at the moment every single day. Be up to date, but also know that you don’t have to conform.


3. A fashion editor scopes out everything.


She doesn’t stick to only a handful of stores or malls when shopping. To a fashion editor, a garage sale (and even the back of her own closet!) holds the potential for very special finds. She doesn’t always go with designer items or limits herself to global fast fashion stores—she also ventures out to flea markets and loves her homegrown brands.


4. A fashion editor isn’t afraid to go out of her comfort zone.


Some of us stick to a certain way of dressing up, because it’s foolproof and safe. A fashion editor is willing to try something new, even if she isn’t sure how exactly it will turn out. After all, even the best dressed among us will still have a few misses—and that’s perfectly A-OK.

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